Dr. Costa is passionate about healthy living.

As a community lifestyle medicine advocate, her mission is to empower her patients to regain control over, not just our own health, but the health of their families. Dr. Costa believes that by providing the tools, resources and support anyone can live a natural, healthy, and disease-free life. Based on her clinical experience, Dr Costa is convinced that by creating a proper environment, our bodies can heal naturally and when health can be restored we are given the opportunity to truly thrive. 

With over 23 years practicing in the health and wellness industry, she has become recognized by her patients and community as a trusted source for natural based protocols that support most any health challenge. Dr Costa regularly offers clinical guidance to support her patients who encounter such health challenges as: hormone imbalance, depression, ADD/ADHD, gluten and food intolerance, weight management, auto immune disorders, chronic inflammation, muscle, back and joint pain, fatigue, diabetes, blood disorders, children's nutrition and learning disabilities. Dr. Costa serves the entire family yet, specializes in women and children's health. She is a dynamic physician and has helped numerous patients regain their health. 


I Truly believe that healthy habits adopted early in one’s life can create a powerful difference in a child’s cognitive and structural development. My commitment is to help parents understand postural changes and how important it is to work with the nervous, skeletal and immune systems to assist the young body in healing naturally allowing the child to experience a more rich and fulfilling life.
— Cynthia Costa, D.C.